The basics of digital marketing you must know before you step in this world!

Digital marketing – isn’t just another word for marketing, it’s a complete strategy!

Digitization is taking up very first and when it’s about doing some great marketing (not to mention globally), the importance of such a marketing strategy needs no explanation.

It isn’t a new trick to apply

It’s obvious that there are people who still have little awareness about this marketing strategy (just like I had a couple of years ago) but, digitization of the marketing is been there for ages!! At different ages, the latest technologies of that particular time have been used for successful marketing and there is hardly any change in this thought process. It is only last 4-5 decades that the process has been emphasized a lot and that has many reasons for it too. However, the advancement of the technology has provided us with various tools that support the entire process.

What is digital marketing in this age?

Now, this sounds quite sensible!

As expert Neil Patel simplifies the term: “Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices.”

Such a marketing strategy can be performed both online and offline but, the humongous growth of this strategy is perhaps because of the non-linear approach that is presently followed.

  • Non-linear approach: The present situation demands the engagement of the customers and the retailers and that actually shifted the focus from linear approach to this. With non-linear approach the customers find hundreds of ways to collect information and increase awareness about a particular product or service.

There were lots of companies that used to spend hundreds of millions for billboard marketing even a few decades ago but, the introduction of online and offline marketing has changed the entire picture.

According to studies, Americans spend more than 11 hours on various electronic devices and this would be more or less the same in many of the other countries. With such a data, the companies are not left with much to do except digital marketing. But, this is a huge strategy and mainly comprises of online and offline marketing.

Here are the different effective online marketing areas:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing

Just like the online areas, there are four big aspects of the offline marketing as well that if taken care well, can serve really well for the brands. These are:

  • Enhanced offline marketing
  • Radio marketing
  • Television marketing
  • Phone marketing

Now, let’s have a look at some of the aspects of this marketing strategy that actually increases the acceptance of digital marketing.

Ease of access

Undoubtedly, the key objective of any marketing strategy is to allow wide access for the customer to particular products and services. This way, they not just get the information easily, the can avail the service with complete communication and convenience.

Competitive advantage

In order to reach the maximum potential of digital marketing, companies prefer the internet platform to acquire the competitive advantage through various means. Moreover, the social media increases the communication with the customers and audiences.


This goes without saying that digitization in the marketing strategies has been proven to be effective for consumers in almost every country. Brands can now be effectively promoted even through social medias. Moreover, it has created open platforms for customers to share their minds about anything and everything.

As I mentioned in the beginning that digital marketing is a huge sphere and so many things are included in this. But, I hope this small introductory discussion will help you explore more about this.