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What makes AMP a must for your mobile websites

Shortening the page loading time is one of the prime concerns for website owners and the search engine giant Google has something for them to have a breath of fresh relief! It is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) the main functionality of which is to reduce the page loading time on mobile viewing. The next step for mobile browsing A vast portion of the internet traffic now generates from mobile viewing and that ensure the uploading of large amount of data. However, we all know that if the mobile pages are not loading fast, that is a huge hiccup for…


Internet Marketing – Do You Really Need This?

People are internet savvy these days – all thanks to the various Mobile Operators who have made the task easier than expected! When it comes to internet, most of us think about social media. No wonder, sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter have become a part of life. Considering the opportunities that it offers, people are just getting gaga for it. YouTube is also a great means of entertainment. But, is that all? The question may have appeared to you a few times but, the fact is that many don’t even know that what the companies are doing with Internet. Without…


The basics of digital marketing you must know before you step in this world!

Digital marketing – isn’t just another word for marketing, it’s a complete strategy! Digitization is taking up very first and when it’s about doing some great marketing (not to mention globally), the importance of such a marketing strategy needs no explanation. It isn’t a new trick to apply It’s obvious that there are people who still have little awareness about this marketing strategy (just like I had a couple of years ago) but, digitization of the marketing is been there for ages!! At different ages, the latest technologies of that particular time have been used for successful marketing and there…