What makes AMP a must for your mobile websites

Shortening the page loading time is one of the prime concerns for website owners and the search engine giant Google has something for them to have a breath of fresh relief! It is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) the main functionality of which is to reduce the page loading time on mobile viewing.

The next step for mobile browsing

A vast portion of the internet traffic now generates from mobile viewing and that ensure the uploading of large amount of data. However, we all know that if the mobile pages are not loading fast, that is a huge hiccup for the users and it ultimately discourages them.

The solution to this is Accelerated Mobile Pages!

What is AMP?

With Google’s Mobile Friendliness Update, optimization of the mobile pages of a website has been given priority. Eventually, it is one of the essential search engine ranking factors too.

Various reports have already established the fact that around 40% of the viewers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The reports also go on exploring more about the potential losses for a million-dollar ecommerce website on a yearly basis if it delays a second to load.

AMP plug in can cut down the loading time from 15% to 85%!

To put things in simple words, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative project which is originally designed to optimize the mobile web pages for faster viewing. Even if the page is already mobile friendly, it makes it load faster.

How does the plug-in work?

With this plug-in, the content of the web pages is characterized by a special HTML that Google refers to as AMP HTML. Contents programmed with this code are loaded in two steps:

  • The elementary units start loading the moment a user clicks the page
  • Additional contents such as; text, images, external resources are all start loading in the background as per the priority is. Thus, the users are allowed to scroll through the texts before the cover image.

Along with the AMP HTML, there are some others aspects as well that are responsible for the technical implementation of this platform and those are – the project’s JavaScript library, Google AMP Cache and a sleek CSS.

The key benefits of accelerated mobile pages

It’s been made pretty clear by the Google with the introduction of AMP in 2015 that it values its visitors and customers. The weapon from Google aim for the newspaper publishers and blog platforms like WordPress and others. Websites using AMP plug in have already witnessed the benefit. Some of the key benefits include:

Better position – The AMP articles get better positioning and are highlighted as the top stories in the news overview.

Reduced bounce rate – The bounce rate has dramatically decreased due to the quick loading and optimized time.

Better ranking – It serves excellent mobile optimization and that improves the ranking for sure. However, according to Google, AMP is not a direct ranking factor.

When it comes to Google News, the modern mobile websites play a crucial role and all the publishers and blog operators should consider this plug in as a necessary requirement. Moreover, with platforms like WordPress offering free switching to the AMP version (only the blogs hosted by WordPress), it’s like a cakewalk for the owners to get the maximum benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages for the mobile websites.