Refund Policy

Refund Policy of AOTWO Web and Technology Pvt. Ltd is solely designed to help clients get the best solutions for their Internet Marketing needs.

We understand that you, me and everyone is after the results and when it is about internet marketing, people want to settle at nothing but the top position. We promise you results but, if at any point, you feel dissatisfied with the service – we offer you the flexibility to ask for a refund of your payment!

We have a set rules to justify if the claim is appropriate and we also take some other facts into consideration in order to reach to the conclusion of a refund.

We have made a clear policy that takes good care of the interests of both the parties and we have also taken the best step forward to maintain the needed the transparency in the Refund policy.

A clear insight to claim a refund

AO2 Web and Technology Pvt. Ltd offers services like Web Design, Web Development, SEO, SMM, App Development amongst other internet marketing services. We charge 50% in advance before starting the project and if you are not satisfied with the result or if you find that you are not getting the desired ranking on the search engines, you can ask for the refund.

However, we are always ready to cater to your customized needs. And you can always ask for our assistance once you have signed the contract. We truly believe this is a way better alternative for both of us!!

In case of website design and development, we offer complementary free services for minor changes and modifications for first six months and afterwards, we have payable solutions for all your customized needs.

Refund Restriction

We would sincerely want to draw your attention to the restrictions for the refund.

Set up fees are not refundable! The fees are generally charged to cover costs like; initial keyword analysis, onsite and offsite optimization, article writing and etc. you can rest assured that we would do the best possible work to retain your recurring business.

A contract can be cancelled at any time but, if the cancellation is during the initial period of the agreement, the refund will not be provided. Once the project is started, you should wait for the minimal duration of three months.

We would also not entertain any refund if there are changes made by the clients or client’s agents to copy, contents, alt tags, images, keywords, meta tags, design layout and etc. More so, if the changes are made without prior consent from the AO2 Web and Technology Pvt. Ltd, we will not approve any refund.

We will also not approve any refund if you hire any other agent on the same project after signing agreement with us and without any prior intimation of that.


The policy is there for added convenience to the clients but, we would also like to inform that we are always keen to satisfy each of our clients with quality Internet Marketing services.

You can expect better service all the time and we value your association with us from the very first day.